Save the Bear Game

Save the Bear Game

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Save the Bear is a casual game with a cartoon game style. Brain-teasers don’t have to be extremely challenging in order for players to enjoy them. There are numerous casual puzzles that are accessible despite being intellectually stimulating. Save the Bear is a game that serves as a shining example. The silly creature is in serious trouble. It keeps getting entangled in rope and can’t get out. Help it break free by making precise cuts and lead it to the exit. In Save the Bear, there are all kinds of difficulties waiting for players to slowly challenge. Be careful not to let the dummy run into spikes and other traps. Complete all the levels to unlock the ending. It is time to show their skills and operation. Have fun!

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How to Play Save the Bear Game

Mouse or tap to play. The helpless oaf is hanging from the ceiling. Save it from captivity by cutting the cables in the correct order. Sometimes, timing the cuts is necessary to achieve victory. Beware of dangerous contraptions that often await down below. Make sure to disarm them before letting the character run away. After falling to the floor safely, it will automatically run to the nearest door. Clear the path from obstacles and enemies to win and proceed to the next mission. Think outside the box, find unexpected solutions, and finish all the stages with ease.

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