Nut Dropper

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Nut Dropper Game Online - Play Free Nut Dropper Web Games

You get to help a small ant avoid getting hit by huge falling acorns. Do your best to save your little ant's life. Have fun!

How to play the free Nut Dropper game online

Use your mouse to play this fun online ant game.

Falling Acorns and Dropping Nuts

Most acorns mature in late summer and begin falling from the trees in September or October, although the specific drop period varies among species. Compare to an ant acorns are really big, and by hanging high up in trees the impact force will be really strong when they hit the ground. To be hit in by falling acorns would be devasting for any ant. Nuts that have fallen to the ground usually end up getting damaged and will eventually dry out. There is an old wive's tail for acorns falling in early fall, it is said to be a sign the fall is here early, and that the winter is expected to be longer and harsher than normal. People in the cities uses the term nut dropper about someone that become scared, or is backing back down.

What is an Ant

An ant is a small insect, often with a sting, that usually lives in a complex social colony with one or more breeding queens. Ants form colonies that range in size from a few dozen predatory individuals living in small natural cavities to highly organised colonies that may occupy large territories and consist of millions of individuals. It is wingless except for fertile adults, which often form large mating swarms, and is proverbial for industriousness.

Play Nut Dropper game online for free today

Do you love ants, and do you also like to play free web games? If you are in the same mood as us today, you probably would like to play our free Nut Dropper game online. Am I right? ;)

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