Squash these Ants 2 Game

Squash these Ants 2 Game

Squash these Ants 2 Game Online - Play Free Fun Ant Web Games

Destroy with your fingers all ants that exit on the hole. Squish all the ants that appear on the screen with your fingers, before they leave the screen be very careful don't tap the red ants, they are very dangerous. You have in this awesome App seven modality to smash all the Ants that you see on the screen. All you can have a game of ants is in "Squash these Ants 2" easy to play hard to stop. Have fun!

10,577 play times

How to Play Squash these Ants 2 Game

Just one click/tap to smash the ants.

Key Features of the Squash these Ants 2 game

This web game is so much more than just squishing ant on a screen. Here are some of the key features which make this online game stand out from other ones in the Ant game genre.

  • Very very easy to play
  • Nice 3D pre rendered graphics
  • Amazing 3D realistic animations
  • Seven different gameplay modality
  • Endless gameplay modality for kids
  • Very great game for kids and babies
  • Cool ambience nature music
  • In Slasher/Weight modality mega "combo" bonus
  • In Defense very innovative gameplay
  • Different backgrounds

Have fun with this great endless Ant smasher game.

Squash these Ants 2 Game Walkthrough: