Smash the Ants Game

Smash the Ants Game

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Behold the unstoppable ant invasion, a miniature army swarming in every nook and cranny! Swiftly, seize the moment to thwart their impending escape, lest they scatter beyond the confines of your screen. As the planet's final bastion against this minuscule menace, the fate of humanity rests squarely on your shoulders. Will your valor prevail? How adept are your reflexes? It's a showdown of epic proportions, and the ultimate question beckons: What level of mastery will you attain as you rack up the points? The stage is set, and the challenge awaits – are you up for the task? Have fun!

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How to Play Smash the Ants Game

Use your moue or touch the screen to smash the ants.

Avoiding Ant Invasion in the Camp

Ant invasions can cause enough misery to ruin an otherwise perfect camping trip. Public enemy number one is the humble but determined ant and as we all know that where one ant is present, more will surely follow. The most effective solutions for keeping the ants at bay are those that give the ant no reason to come calling and also to use repellents as a back-up plan. Make sure to scout the area for ants before pitching your tent. Keep all your food in airtight containers. Make sure to bag up all rubbish and food scraps and place the bags away from your immediate camp area. If you are eating around your camp area be careful with crumbs which constitute a feast to an ant who will then go and invite his buddies to share his good fortune. You should also consider making a barrier around your camp with a repellent, this is one of the most effective ways to keep ants at bay.

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