Radioactive Ant Game

Radioactive Ant Game

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Get ready to dive into the wackiest adventure ever – it's like a totally bonkers game where you play as an ant, but hold onto your antennas, 'cause things went all kinds of cray-cray in a science lab oopsie! We're talking epic fails on a whole new level! So here's the deal: you gotta show those puny humans what's what. Either you rock their world and rule the globe like the ultimate ant boss, or you, like, totally risk getting squashed into oblivion. But don't worry, you're not just some teeny-weeny insect – you're a munching, crunching machine! Chow down on those itty-bitty critters, and watch as you, like, totally level up and become the Godzilla of ants! It's a bug-eat-bug world out there, and you're ready to snack your way to glory. Have fun!

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How to Play Radioactive Ant Game

Use your mouse to move. P/Esc keys to pause and R key to restart.

How fast do ants dig their little holes?

Believe it or not, this actually depends on how much light there is. Ants dig down faster when they are in the dark. The rate at which ants dig and the independent variable is the amount of light that the ant is exposed to during their digging session, so how fast they dig their holes depends on light. Ants dig their tunnels so they have a place to live. If ants stayed on the top of the ground things like birds or lizards might eat them. Also, the temperature is better underground. It is not windy down there, and the ants are away from the rain or snow, cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.