Command Ant Conquer Game

Command Ant Conquer Game

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As the chill of winter creeps closer, a bustling realm of ant colonies springs into action, feverishly preparing to stockpile their precious sustenance. Alas, a bitter twist of fate casts a shadow over their industrious efforts – the promise of scarcity looms large, igniting the embers of impending conflict. Now, the stage is set for you to ascend the throne as the regal Ant Queen, your antennae alive with the hum of destiny. With unwavering authority, beckon forth your legions and embark upon a daring campaign to seize dominion over the coveted realm of Ant Island. Have fun!

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How to Play Command Ant Conquer Game

Player 1: Use the arrow keys to move. Comma to regroup the workers. Player 2: Use the WASD keys to move. V key to regroup the workers.

What is a Heroic Ant?

A heroic ant, is an ant who is having or showing great courage. The heroic ant might be an explorer, or a warrior trying to defent his ant colony. The actions of a heroic ant might help save the whole ant colony from an attacker, or help provide for food for the colony. In many ways the actions of a heroic ant is quite similar to those of a heroic human being.