Ants Quest 2 Game

Ants Quest 2 Game

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Ants Quest 2 is a 2D platformer where you have to collect all of the sugar cubes while avoiding the enemy ants, three-eyed ants, bullets, flying ants, spikes and reach the red flag in order to go to the next level. There are 8 levels to play and the difficulty increases as you proceed. This is the second installment of the original "Ants Quest" series. Have fun!

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How to Play Ants Quest 2 Game

Use WASD or Arrow keys for the player's movement. Use W or Up arrow key twice for double jump.

How do ants hunt for food

Ants use their senses smelling, tasting and touching, but especially their antenas when they are looking for food. What the ants do is wander around randomly looking for food. They are not quartering the territory or anything, just pottering about seeing what's there. But, when they find something they then bite off a bit and take it back to the nest. Other ants will follow that trail to find the food and bring some of it home. Their orchestration is still weak because there is so little pheromone on the trail. Due to their large number, the ants go lots of different ways to the food source and back to the nest, leaving again trails of scent. This eventually leads to an optimization of the path: Since pheromones are evaporative, the scent is the stronger the shorter the trail is so more ants follow the shortest trail, again leaving scent marks.

Ants Quest 2 Game Walkthrough: