Ant Art Tycoon Game

Ant Art Tycoon Game

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You are an out of luck art dealer with nothing to your name but 5 highly trained ants. Now it's time to put them to work, together they will create beautiful paintings that you can sell for big dollars. Have fun!

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How to Play Ant Art Tycoon Game

Use your mouse or tap to play. You take on two roles in this game, Ant Farmer and Ant Dealer. Below are details of the tasks for both of these/

Tasks as an Ant Farmer in Ant Ant Art Tycoon Game

Grow your ant colony by buying bigger and faster ants, and watch proudly as they create better and better artwork before your very eyes. Before you know it you'll have hundreds of ants creating new art in seconds.

Tasks as an Ant Dealer in Ant Ant Art Tycoon Game

Watch the public's reaction to your paintings and adjust the sale prices to make the biggest profit possible! People don't like the painting? Reduce the price and get rid of it. People love the painting? Let's see how high we can raise the price!