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Snowfall Flash Game Online - Play Free Penguin Snow Web Games

One day in the Antarctica all of a sudden it started snowing huge basketball size snow flakes. Unfortunately on that day you were just a little penguin sailing around on an ice flake. Since the snow is extremly heavy coming down with such a brutal force, your only option is to dodge the snowball-flakes. To make your task even harder the ocean current is causing your ice flake to float into warmer water, which in turn is starting to melt. It is a fight for your life which as the game progress will become more difficult as it will snow heavier, and the ice flake will be getting smaller. How long can you keep this cute little penguin alive? Try your best and have fun!

Play Snowfall game online for free today

Do you like snow and think penguins are fun, and do you also like to play a free online game? If you are in the same mood as us today, you probably would like to play our free Snowfall flash game online.

How to play the free Snowfall game online

Use the arrow keys to avoid snow.

Places with highest annual Snowfall

Snow: love it or hate it, this winter there's been an awful lot of it. Although it's the extremes that generally make the news, digging out is a yearly fact of life in some spots around the globe. According to at the Paradise Ranger Station, Mt. Rainier, Washington this mountain pass in the Pacific Northwest gets more snow annually than any other spot on Earth. Here they annually get about 56 feet of snow. Other notable places to mention include:

  • Niseko, Japan with an annual snowfall of about 50 feet
  • Mt. Fidelity, Glacier National Park, BC, Canada with annual snowfall of about 48 feet
  • Alyeska, Alaska with an annual snowfall of about 42 feet
  • Chamonix, France with an annual snowfall of about 31 feet

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