Mezzo Winter Edition

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Mezzo Winter Edition Game Online - Play Free Penguins Web Games

Do you have what it takes to win this snow-powered puzzler? Align an even number of similar colored blocks between two snow blocks and eliminate tiles to save all the penguins. Creating an odd number of blocks will create a new snow block. Try to combo line after line within the limited number of moves to win. Your ultimate objective is to clear every snow block to win. There are 13 penguins that needs to be rescued, and to rescue them you need to solve all the puzzles. Have fun!

Play Mezzo Winter Edition game online for free today

Do you think penguins are cute, and do you also like to play a fun browser game? If you are in the same mood as us today, you probably would like to play our free Mezzo Winter Edition game online.

How to play the free Mezzo Winter Edition game online

Use your mouse to play this cool web game.

What do we know about Mezzo

You might be already familiar with mezzo as a generic name for a female singer with a voice pitched between soprano and contralto. According to WikiPedia Mezzo is also the name of a glacier in Antarctica. The penguins in our free online game represents the pengiuns living on the Mezzo Buttress glacier. It is a rocky buttress at the head of Barilari Bay just east of Lawrie Glacier, on the west coast of Graham Land, Antarctica. It was charted by the British Graham Land Expedition under John Rymill, 1934–37, and was so named by the UK Antarctic Place-Names Committee in 1959 because the face of this buttress is conspicuously divided diagonally, half being composed of black rock and the other half of red rock.

What do Penguins do in the Winter?

According to during the harsh winter months penguins stay near the outer edges of the pack ice where temperatures are slightly warmer. The breeding season for Emperors begins at the start of the Antarctic winter which is in late March. As winter approaches, Emperors actually move inland to their traditional colonies and begin pairing.

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