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Volvo Lion Game Online - Play Bengtsson Family Safari Game Free

The Bengtsson family from Uppsala in Sweden is on a Safari in Africa, while they are eating lunch a lion climbs up on the roof of their volvo station wagon to take a nap. The Bengtsson's doesn't notice anything and continue their safari after lunch. You are the lion on the roof of their volvo, and you will need to keep your balance so you don't fall off. This isn't easy because their is a lot of obstacle in the poor road, and Mr. Bengtsson also isn't that good of driver, eventhough he thinks he is. Your task is to maintain the balance on the roof of the volvo. Have fun!

Play Volvo Lion game online for free today

Do you think lions are fun, and do you also like to play cool web games? If you are in the same mood as us today, you probably would like to play our free Volvo Lion game online. Am I right? ;)

How to play the free Volvo Lion game online

Balance the lion using your arrow keys.

What does a Volvo have to do with a Lion?

A Volvo is commonly known as a Swedish made car or truck, and we all know that a lion is a wild animal from Africa or a fun one to look at in your local zoo. How are they related? From what I could find on the internet, there is no true relationship between the two. According to Wiki II there is something called a Volvo Lion however, and it is a retired one-manned military fighter plane that was primarily used by the Estovnian army for in air combat between two fighter jets and they are not merely playing a game. Wiki II says that this type of plane is nearly 55 feet in length, and can weigh nearly 29,000 pounds and it can travel as fast as Mach 2.2, which is about 1632 miles per hour. That is an amazingly speed! One relationship here that you would most surely agree with is that you would not want either an actual lion or a volvo lion chasing me at any point in my life.

Going on a Safari

According to Land Lopers there are five things your should know before going on a safari. First of all you need to be prepared, but don't bring to much stuff. A Safari in Africa is not the same as Animal Kingdom at Disney World. This is the real deal and the animals arenít tame or socialized, they are wild and act just like wild animals. Also keep in mind you might not see the big five (the lion, African elephant, Cape buffalo, leopard, and the rhinoceros), and that is because this is the real deal. Also you should know that not all safaris are made the same, you might get un-lucky. But, last you should know that going on a safari just like the Bengston family in the Volvo Lion game is usually an amazing experience.

The name Bengtsson

According to WikiPedia Bengtsson is Swedish family name originating in a patronymic, meaning the son of Bengt. Bengt is a very common Swedish name which means blessed. The name is sometimes written Bengtson. Today Bengtsson is the 15th most common surname in Sweden. One famous Swede with that lastname is Bengt Folke Bengtsson which was able to win the gold medal in the gymnastics men's team, Swedish system event in 1920.

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