Fish Quest

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Fish Quest Game Online - Play Free Fish Quest Web Games

Here is a free online puzzle game involving a fish. A challenging arrow pressing skill game with 12 stages, 3 bonus levels, and 3 boss levels. Power-ups help you through your online adventure. Have fun!

Play Fish Quest game online for free today

Do you like fish, and do you also like to play fee web games? If you are in the same mood as us today, you probably would like to play our free Fish Quest game online.

How to play the free Fish Quest game online

Use your arrow keys to control your fish, and spacebar for everything else.

A few facts about Fish

Fish are primarily aquatic vertebrates with fins instead of bone. The offspring are called fry. There are nearly 30,000 species of fish, with a few more reps for havlevende species than for freshwater species. They probably originated in the Ordovician of roughly 450 million years ago. Fish are distributed among the following groups: hagfishes, lampreys, sharks and rays, ray-finned fish, coelacanths, and lungfish. Fish are an important resource for humans worldwide, especially as food. Commercial and subsistence fishers hunt fish in wild fisheries or farm them in ponds or in cages in the ocean. They are also caught by recreational fishers, kept as pets, raised by fishkeepers, and exhibited in public aquaria. Fish have had a role in culture through the ages, serving as deities, religious symbols, and as the subjects of art, books and movies.

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