Dog Hotel

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Dog Hotel Game Online - Play Free Doggy Hotel Web Game

Is there something nicer than taking care of dogs? In this great web game you're a caretaker in a dog hotel! The dogs will adore you if you take good care of them. This means that you'll play with them, give them something to eat and drink at the right moment, and take them out when they need to pee. If you do everything right, you'll pass to the next level and receive a bonus! If things go too fast for you, you can always replay the level to increase your score. In each level there's an extra dog staying in the dog hotel. There will also be more employees that will help you with all these dogs. Have fun!

Play Dog Hotel game online for free today

Is your best friend a dog, and do you also like to play free animal games? If you are in the same mood as us today, you probably would like to play our free Dog Hotel game online. Am I right? ;)

How to play the free Dog Hotel game online

Use your mouse to play this doggy care web game.

What do dogs do at a doggy hotel?

They most definitely have fun and play doggy games, but they can be a challenge for their caretaker. During this online web game, you must make sure the dog gets baths, goes to the veterinarian, keeps entertained playing ball, is trained to go outside to go potty, and gets enough rest in their doggy bed. As the dog hotel game manager, there is no chance to relax, not even for one second. This free online doggy game is a demanding, but fun, physically active webgame for the dogs learn to interact with people and follow rules, while people learn to move quickly to care for them.

Are dogs allowed at people hotels?

If you want to travel with your dog so you can play and have fun with him in other cities, you may wonder about this. In years past, most hotels and motels did not allow dogs to stay unless they were guide dogs. Nowadays, it is much more common to see pet friendly dog hotels, but their visit is not usually free. It is common at these lodging to find areas where you can take your pet to play and have fun along with a designated area for going potty. Just like this online web game, you will be required to pick up after your pet.

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